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Employment Law Solicitor

Leading Employment Law Solicitor firm H J Walker Sibia can help with all aspects of employment law and ensure that you get the legal advice that you need.

An employment law solicitor can be needed by both employers and employees, and so it's important to understand both sides of the story before the right advice can be given. As an employer, you might not understand why a member of staff needs more time off for childcare. As an employee, you might not understand why working overtime is so important for the company.

An employment law solicitor will help companies to ensure that their contracts are legally binding and up to date, to ensure that new advances in technology or working practices are taken into account.

Your staff handbooks may need to be regularly reviewed to ensure that they are still relevant, and that all staff are aware of them, and that that any new company policies are outlined. If you're not sure how to go about creating or updating your handbook, why not speak to an employment law solicitor?

Policies such as IT and internet usage need to be clear and well documented so that staff know what is and isn't acceptable. In the modern age, technology can play a huge part in the workplace, and so whilst some companies are looking to embrace it, others are shying away from it. You could let an employment law solicitor help you if you're not sure what sort of things you should expect from your staff when it comes to mobile phone and Wi-Fi use.

Unfortunately discrimination cases are all too common for the average employment law solicitor. If you've been discriminated against because you've been passed over for promotion, or because of your age, the colour of your skin, your race, beliefs or sexual orientation, and have got nowhere with your HR department you'll want to see how an employment law solicitor will help you.

Pay and conditions are always a bone of contention, but if you know that others doing the same job are earning more than you, you might have a case. By speaking to an employment law solicitor you'll know what the next step should be, and whether you're likely to be successful.

Redundancy is affecting more and more employers and employees alike in the current economic climate, so if you're anxious about your job or you need to cut down on your workforce, you'll want to get the right legal advice from an employment law solicitor.