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Employment Law Solicitor Advice

If you need an employment law solicitor on Merseyside, then H J Walker Sibia can help you. We have many years experience, and have helped employers and employees with a wide range of issues, ranging from moving premises to bullying in the workplace.

Here's what to think about if you want legal advice on employment law.

1. You might want to decide whether to choose a local or national employment law solicitor to help you. Your local solicitor might know the company you work for, or your industry well, but a national solicitor might have more experience.

2. You'll have different requirements from your employment law solicitor depending on whether you're an employer or employee. As an employer you might be worried that you might have to defend an unfair or constructive dismissal case, or whether you can move premises and expect your staff to travel further to work. As an employee, you might have been forced to work overtime, or not had the same rights as your colleagues, and want legal advice.

3. You'll want your employment law solicitor to be empathetic if not sympathetic, and understand your needs and issues at this difficult time. We will treat you like a person, so that you're not just another case.

4. Our experience in employment law means that we're confident we can help you, and provide the information you need so that going to work isn't as difficult, or as harrowing as it currently is.

5. Legal action is often the only course of action if the issue cannot be resolved internally. Perhaps your HR or Personnel department are not taking your claims seriously, or aren't interested, or are trying to make out that you're just moaning and to get on with your work.

6. Perhaps you've missed out on a promotion and want to know why, or maybe you've promoted a member of staff, and it was a very hard decision, and you're anxious about a backlash from those that were unsuccessful.

7. Maybe you've been discriminated against, perhaps due to your race, religion, sexuality, age, or beliefs, and your employer hasn't taken the appropriate course of action. You'll want to speak to an employment law solicitor so that you know what to do next.

8. If you're facing redundancy, then you'll want to know what to expect, and what you're entitled to, so that you're not accepting less than the legal minimum.

9. As an employer you might need to update your staff handbooks to include new policies for mobile phone and internet use, and your company stand on mentioning who you work for via social media.

10. You might want to make sure that your staff contracts are legally binding, and change them as necessary as circumstances change. Perhaps you have had to increase working hours, or enforce overtime, or maybe you've had to reduce the length of the working week, and no longer pay overtime.

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