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Company Law

H J Walker Sibia's considerable success would not have been possible if it were only a firm of highly experienced and knowledgeable solicitors. No, in order for H J Walker Sibia to be successful in what is an extremely competitive commercial arena, it has also been essential that we excel as a business.

It is our extensive business know-how which enables us to place your legal requirements within a much broader and more relevant corporate framework.

Whether yours is a private company, family business or you're a pioneering entrepreneur, we will not only provide sound legal advice and quality legal services, but we will provide said advice and services within the context of day-to-day commercial reality.

Within the context of this 'commercial reality', we can advise on all areas of company law, including:

Our advice is up-to-the-minute, with the impact of even the most recent changes in legislation fully taken into account. Our experts are on hand to advise now. Call us on 0151 649 0950.